Precision End Mill Grinder

Precision End Mill Grinder
Precision End Mill Grinder

Precision End Mill Grinder

Specially for grinding 2, 3, 4, 6 flutes end mills - end cutting edge, relief(chip sapce), end gash and peripheral cutting edge. Just set up once. 


Standard Accessories:
1. Grinding Wheel(Type:11A)-1 PC
2. Grinding Wheel Flange-1 SET
3. Flange Wrench-1 PC
4. 5C Collet-7 PCS (6,8,10,12,16,20,25mm)
5. Work Light-1 SET
6. Tools for General Use-1 SET

Optional Accessories:
1. SDC Electroplated Grinding Wheel
2. CBN Electroplated Grinding Wheel
3. 5C Collet (Min.3mm~ Max.25mm)
4. Work Cabinet "
Model No.PP-25
Grinding CapacityΦ3~Φ25mm
Longitudinal Travel of Table50 mm
Horizontal Travel of Table50 mm
Size of Wheel125x50x31.75mm
Speed of Wheel50HZ 2850RPM | 60HZ 3450RPM
Horse Power/ Voltage1/2HP (375W)
Net Weight/ Gross Weight50KGS/82KGS
Packing Size (LxWxH)80x65x68cm

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