Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder

Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder
Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder

Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder

1. The wheel heads can be rotated 360° and be intalled two wheels. Just rotate the wheel head, when need to grind the tool of different materials. It can increase the safety and save the time for changing & repairing the grinding wheel.


2. Adopt high precision cross roller guide on the table. The table is stable and can be operated smoothly.


3. Adopt cast iron with high toughness. It can keep the precision of the machine in the long term.


4. There is a series of grinding attachment to choose from.


The types of tools to be ground include:

Drill, tap, (taper)end mill, (corner)radius end mill, turning tool, radius turning tool, chamfer cutter, countersink cutter, engraving cutter, side milling cutter, hob, reamer, T-slot cutter, gun drill, hole saw, annular cutter, slitting cutter, punch, round bar, etc.


Grinding Attachments:

50B Drill & Tap Grinding Attachment (Φ2mm-60mm)
50D End Mill Grinding Attachment
50E Radius End Mill Grinding Attachment
50E-F The options for 50E - Holder for Radius Turning Tool
50EF Radius Turning Tool Grinding Attachment
50F Turning Tool Grinding Attachment
50H Tool Grinding Attachment
50K Tool & Cutter Grinding Attachment (Φ2mm-32mm)
50SA Sprial Flute/ Helical Tool Grinding Attachment (Φ6mm-32mm)
80SF Sprial Flute/ Helical Tool Grinding Attachment (Φ6mm-25mm) could expand to 32mm


Standard Accessories:
1. Grinding Wheel(Type:5A)-1 PC
2. Grinding Wheel(Type:11A)-1 PC
3. Grinding Wheel Flange-2 SETS
4. Flange Wrench-1 PC
5. Work Light-1 SET
6. Tools for General Use-1 SET
7. Work Cabinet-1 SET

Optional Accessories:
1. SDC Electroplated Grinding Wheel
2. CBN Electroplated Grinding Wheel
3. 5C Collet (Min.3mm~ Max.25mm)
4. 5C Special Collet (32mm/42mm)
5. Morse Taper Sleeve (No.2)
6. Cast Iron Work Cabinet
Model No.PP-50
Longitudinal Travel of Table230mm
Horizontal Travel of Table180mm
Working Table Area620x190mm
Vertical Adjustment of Wheel Head120mm
Rotating Angle of Wheel Head360°(A-Axis Dual C-Axis)
Size of Wheel125x50x31.75mm | 180x26x31.75mm
Speed of Wheel50HZ 2900RPM | 60HZ 3500RPM
Horse Power/ Voltage3/4HP (560W)
Net Weight/ Gross Weight252KGS/318KGS
Packing Size (LxWxH)105x90x154CM

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